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What is Junior Red Cross

Junior Red Cross is the children's wing of Red Cross. This branch deals with schools students in the age group of 12 to 17 years are members.

Origin of Junior Red Cross

The Junior Red Cross originated in the Canadian province of Quebec. During the First World War, in 1914, Canadian children first participated in the work of the Red Cross by preparing ointments and other service materials for the soldiers. Gradually, this awareness service campaign gained momentum and it spread to all the provinces of Canada in just one year.

After the end of the war, the spread of keeping this department prevalent in the schools was kept, which was gladly accepted by the school heads and mainly ensured in the form of the following three objectives/principles:-

  • A. Protection of health and life
  • B. service to others
  • C. international goodwill
Organization at the district level

District Red Cross sub-committee is responsible for conducting Junior Red Cross activities in different districts of the state. The chairman of this sub-committee is the District Education Officer/Assistant Commissioner. Apart from the chairman, this sub-committee consists of the following members:-

  • A. Principal of one or two higher secondary school
  • B. Representative of the District Health Officer
  • C. An officer of his office nominated by the District Education Officer
  • D. Representative of Social Welfare and Panchayat Department (at district level)
  • E. Two or three active social (Red Cross) workers.

The officer nominated by the District Education Officer will take charge of the Secretary of the District Level Junior Red Cross Sub-Committee, but the President of the District Red Cross will have the right to nominate the District Organizer in the Junior Red Cross for necessary and orderly progress, in such a situation the District Organizer Will take over as secretary.

Youth Red Corss

Start of Youth Red Cross:

The Youth Red Cross, like the original organization, was formed as a result of the war. When the First World War started in 1914, the students of a school in Quebec, a province of Canada, supported the work of the Red Cross by making bandages and dressings and other facilities for the soldiers. This concept soon took a wide form and in about 1915 Canada and U.S.A. The youth started saving money from their personal expenditure. By collecting that money, they bought dressings and other facilities for the fighting soldiers. In the year 1919, when a union was established by combining various Red Cross organizations. Then Youth Red Cross Bureau was established to implement Youth Red Cross in different countries.

Youth Red Cross has three main objectives written below:-
  • A. Survival and promotion of health.
  • B. Assistance to victims and patients.
  • C. Increase in national and international friendship relations and moral education of the youth. and development of intellectual abilities

Click here to download Rules for JRC/YRC [PDF].